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  • Film of The Month: Saving Face

    SAVING FACE tells the stories of two acid-attack survivors: Zakia and Rukhsana, their arduous attempts to bring their assailants to justice and the people who strive to help these women put this horrific act behind them and move on with their lives.

  • Film of The Month - No Burqas Behind Bars

    No Burqas Behind Bars is a documentary shot inside one of the most restrictive places on the planet, Takhar Prison in Afghanistan. Watch for free at WHY WOMEN throughout september!

  • Internship - Autumn 2016

    As an intern you will be an essential part of our team – your opinions and input will be valued. The intern will support our project managers developing and executing THE WHY’s projects, and executing some administrative tasks.

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…Initiates, produces and distributes public media series to a global audience through broadcast, cross-media platforms, and outreach activities to ensure that all people have free access to independent information.

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  • Why Women?

    Raising awareness of the challenges faced by women and girls globally. The project consists of 10 short films, 3 documentary films and various outreach activities and educational material.

  • World Stories

    A collection of thought-provoking and inspiring documentary films about the world we live in, made by acclaimed filmmakers.

  • Why Slavery?

    The final package of six Why Slavery? films will premier to a global audience of more than 500 million people in the Spring/Summer of 2017 through a network of 65+ Broadcasters. The films will provide the cornerstone of a public media campaign about modern day slavery.

  • Why Poverty?

    Eight documentaries from award-winning filmmakers and 34 shorts from new and emerging talents. The films are moving, subtle and thought-provoking stories, but they also tackle big issues and pose difficult questions - starting the conversation: Why poverty?

  • Why Democracy?

    17 thought-provoking short films, which deal with personal, political and rights issues around the theme ‘What does democracy mean to me?’