Season 2

The World Before Her WS2

The World Before Her

This films sweeps back the curtain to reveal the intimate stories of twenty Indian young women determined to win the crown. As the beauty contestants move through beauty boot camp, Director Nicha Pahuja travels to another corner of India to visit a different camp for young girls, the women’s wing of the militant fundamentalist movement.

Director: Nisha Pahuja Year: 2012 Original Title: The World Before Her  Country: India

No Burqas Behind Bars WS2

No Burqas Behind Bars

Thakhar Prison. 40 women. 34 children. Four cells. No burqas… Their stories are deeply compelling and are a testament to the strength and dignity of the human will in the face of obscene conditions.


Director: Nima Sarvestani Year: 2013 Original Title: No Burqas Behind Bars Country: Afghanistan

The English Surgeon

What is it like to try and save a life, and yet to fail? When British Brain Surgeon Henry Marsh first visited the KGB Hospital in Kiev in the early 1990s, patients were dying from simple brain tumors left untreated. This real-life drama follows Marsh as he openly confronts the dilemmas of the doctor patient relationship on his latest mission to the Ukraine.


.Director: Geoffrey Smith Year: 2009 Original Title: The English Surgeon Country: Ukraine

Bastards WS2


In Morocco, as in all Muslim countries, sex outside marriage is illegal and women bear the brunt of society’s disapproval. But what is the fate of the children of those single mothers? Jobs, housing and a huge range of social og societal advantages are denied them. They are despised outcasts, condemned to a life of discrimination. Bastards is the first film to tell this story from a mother’s point of view.

Director: Deborah Perkin Year: 2014 Original Title:  Bastards Country: Morocco

Miners’ Shot Down

In August 2012, mineworkers in one of South Africa’s biggest platinum mines began a wildcat strike for better wages. Six days later, the police used live ammunition to brutally suppress the strike, killing 34 and injuring many more. The documentary follows the strike from day one, showing the courageous but isolated fight waged by a group of low paid workers.

Director: Rehad Desai Year: 2014
Original Title: Miners Shot Down Country: South Africa

Big Men WS2

Big Men

Big Men is an epic adventure of high-stakes capitalism, with shockingly intimate access to company executives, government officials and gun-toting militants. Kosmos Energy, a Dallas-based oil company, discovers Ghana’s first oil. Can they develop the field and maximize profits as everyone involved tries to gain as much as possible? Who gets what in this quest for oil and cash and what will they sacrifice for their reward?

Director: Rachel Boynton Year: 2013 Original Title:  Big Men Country: US/Ghana



Sepideh wants to become an astronaut. She spends her nights exploring the secrets of the universe, while her family will do anything to keep her on the ground. The expectations for a young Iranian woman are very different from Sepideh’s ambitions, and her plans to go to university are in danger. But Sepideh holds on to her dream! She takes up the fight and teams up with the world’s first female space tourist, Anousheh Ansari. Sepideh lives with her mother and brother and lost her beloved father at a young age. On his deathbed, she promised him that she would make something of herself, so he could be proud of his daughter. She spent her inheritance from him to buy a small telescope.

Director Berit Madsen Year 2013 Original Title Sepideh Country Iran

The Vasectomist

The Vasectomist

THE VASECTOMIST follows Dr Doug Stein, an urologist from small town Florida on a mission to save the planet by “spreading the gospel of vasectomy”. It is a journey through difficult and divisive issues, crossing cultural, religious and political taboos. Through this quixotic character and his highly personal encounters with men as they exit the gene pool, the film provokes a new conversation about over-population, over-consumption and the planet’s environmental tipping point.

Director: Jonathan Stack Year: 2013 Original Title: The Vasectomist Country: USA

Justice for Sale WS2

Justice for Sale

Follow Claudine, a young and courageous human rights lawyer, in her struggle against injustice and widespread impunity in Congo. She investigates the case of Masamba, a soldier who was convicted of rape, and discovers that his trial was corrupt and unfair. Masamba’s trial raises questions about the financial support that the international community and NGOs offer to the Congolese judicial system. Is it creating a justice that’s for sale? And if so, who pays the price?

Femke & Ilse van Velzen Year: 2011 Original Title: Justice for Sale Country: Congo

Japan: A story of love and Hate WS2

Japan: A Story of Love and Hate

Naoki, 56, had it all in Japan’s bubble economy days. But when Japan’s economy crashed in the early 1990s he lost everything, ending up divorced and penniless. Naoki was saved from homelessness by his new girlfriend, 29-year-old Yoshie, who took him in. Each evening she leaves Naoki at home to do the housework and heads to a sleazy chat bar, where she is paid to drink, flatter and flirt with married men.  This films tell the unusual love story of survival in the world’s second richest economy.

 Director: Sean McAllister Year: 2008 Original title: Japan: A Story of Love and Hate Country: Japan 

Last Days of the Arctic

Ragnar Axelsson or RAX as he is commonly referred to, is a renowned world photographer based in Iceland. In The Last Days of The Arctic we join RAX on his journey as he visits friends he has made through his career. His passion is documenting the fast deteriorating lifestyles of the North. RAX’s mission is his biggest passion: to document deteriorating lifestyles and bring them to the eyes of the world before it‘s too late.

Director Magnús Viðar Sigurðsson Year  2011 Original Title: Last Days of The Arctic Country Iceland 

I will be murdered WS2

I Will Be Murdered

In May 2009, Rodrigo Rosenberg, a wealthy, charismatic lawyer went cycling near his home in Guatemala City and was murdered. Nothing unusal there: Guatemala has a murder rate four times higher than Mexico’s, worse in fact than Iraq’s for civilians during the war. What was extraordinary is that Rosenberg knew, for certain, he was about to be killed. A brilliant investigation, a journey into Rosenberg’s soul and Guatemala’s hell, that after multipe twists and turns, reached a stunning revelation. I Will Be Murdered is a story of murder, a love story and a thriller.

Director Justin Webster Year 2013 Original Title: I Will Be Murdered Country Guatemala

Rough Aunties WS2

Rough Aunties

Fearless, feisty and resolute, the “Rough Aunties” are a remarkable group of women unwavering in their stand to protect and care for the abused, neglected and forgotten children of Durban, South Africa. This latest documentary by internationally acclaimed director Kim Longinotto (SISTERS IN LAW, DIVORCE IRANIAN STYLE) follows the outspoken, multiracial cadre of Thuli, Mildred, Sdudla, Eureka and Jackie, as they wage a daily battle against systemic apathy, corruption, and greed to help the most vulnerable and disenfranchised of their communities.

Director Kim Longinotto Year 2008 Original Title Rough Aunties  Country South Africa  

The Storm Makers - Film still - 1

The Storm Makers

The Storm Makers explores the damages human trafficking has brought to Cambodia at on the individual, social and economic levels. The film intimately captures the stories of three Cambodians: two human traffickers and a victim. It highlights the consequences of the trafficking business on their individual fates and shows how their humanity ends trapped by this invisible plague.

Director: Guillaume Suon Year: 2014 Country: Cambodia / France