Is it worse to be born poor than to die poor?

130 million babies are born each year, and not one of them decides where they’ll be born or how they’ll live. In Cambodia, you’re likely to be born to a family living on less than $1/day. In Sierra Leone chances of surviving the first year are half those of the worldwide average. We go around the world to meet the newest generation.

This film was transmitted as Four Born Every Minute in the UK.

Directed by Brian Hill. Produced by Rachel Tierney.
Production company: Century Films & Steps International. Running time: 58.32 min 


“When my mother gave birth to me, she was taken care of. And I think that it’s necessary to take care of mothers” says Dr Philip de Almeida, a passionate and dedicated MSF obstetrician working in Gondama, Sierra Leone.

Every year 130 million babies are born, but their chances in life depend on the lottery of where, how and to whom they are born. Welcome to the World assesses the prospects of new arrivals in Cambodia, Sierra Leone and the USA.

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