Are women better at getting out of poverty than men?

Rafea is the second wife of a Bedouin husband. She is selected to attend the Barefoot College in India that takes uneducated middle-aged women from poor communities and trains them to become solar engineers. The college’s 6-month programme brings together women from all over the world. Learning about electrical components and soldering without being able to read, write or understand English is the easy part. Witness Rafea’s heroic efforts to pull herself and her family out of poverty.

Directed by Mona Eldaief & Jehane Noujaim. Produced by Mette Heide.
Production company: Plus Pictures. Running time: 58.15 min 


“A girl is not supposed to continue school past the age of 10, it’s considered shameful” says Rafea, a mother of 4 daughters who is keen to challenge the status quo in her remote part of the Jordanian desert. “Is it not shameful that these girls’ youth is wasted without work? Without education or purpose in life?” she asks. “All we do is drink tea and smoke cigarettes.”