A collection of eight documentaries and 34 short films by award-winning filmmakers and emerging talent. The films are subtle, moving and thought-provoking stories that tackle big issues and pose the difficult question WHY POVERTY?


The films have been shown by 69 national broadcasters worldwide, reaching hundreds of millions, asking – WHY POVERTY?

The aims of WHY POVERTY?

To produce narratives that contribute to reflection and broaden people’s horizon.

To involve the best filmmakers in the creation of bold and provocative factual films.

To bring together broadcasters worldwide and engage with a wide and diverse audience through multiple media platforms.

To create a global outreach campaign, supplementing the broadcasts.

To engage with decision-makers and influencers to find solutions for change.

WHY POVERTY? has helped popularise a discourse on poverty moving from charity to justice and making the issue of poverty accessible to a global audience; proving the power of storytelling.