The Why democracy? films

In October 2007, ten one-hour films focused on contemporary democracy were  broadcast in the world’s largest ever factual media event.

The films are made by independent award-winning filmmakers from around the world, including China, India, Japan, Liberia, USA, Bolivia, Denmark, Egypt, Pakistan and Russia. With subjects ranging from US torture methods to the election of a class monitor in a Chinese primary school to the Danish Cartoons scandal, the films take a wide-ranging and in-depth look at the world we live in today.

That’s not all. We created 17 thought-provoking short films, which deal with personal, political and rights issues around the theme What does democracy mean to me?

The films produced by the project have a common reference beyond the thematic. Both the global broadcast and the debates arising from the films lead to a greater understanding concerning both the conditions of governance facing people in different societies and cultures, as well as a broader understanding of democracy. And the long-term educational perspective will allow for maximum use of the combined elements of the project.The films will be accompanied by a widespread post-transmission distribution programme on DVD as part of the global project.

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